Proctor Responsibilities

Proctoring In Our Schools

Help us ensure the integrity of the test taking environment by volunteering as a Proctor. 

What is a proctor?

A proctor is a person who monitors the taking of an examination.


Most Important Information for all Proctors

  • If possible, meet with your test administrator before the testing begins to become familiar with the room and the test administrator's schedule
  • Listen carefully when the directions are being read so you are as informed as the students about what they are permitted to do and not permitted to do
  • No electronic devices of any type are permitted to be on the student's person, desk, or within arm's reach. This is cause for test invalidation. Please keep a close eye on student backpacks, purses or any electronic device that may be clipped to their clothing


What Proctors do in Testing Rooms

  • Check to see if the students are working in the correct section of the test booklet, if they are not, report it to the test administrator in the room
  • If necessary, circulate quietly among students
  • Serve as an "extra set of eyes" in the room to assist the test administrator
  • Check to see if students have only the items needed on their desk to complete their test; i.e. test booklet, number 2 pencil, yellow-lined planning sheet (FCAT Writing), answer sheet, FCAT calculator for math or science (if applicable to that grade level)
  • Provide an extra pencil if asked to do so

What Proctors may Not do in Testing Rooms

  • Proctors may not handle any test materials
  • Proctor may not serve in a room if a family member is participating in the testing in that room
  • If you suspect there may be a problem, report it to the test administrator in the room immediately. Do not address any student problems or testing issues yourself
  • If a student asks you a question, excuse yourself and get the test administrator
  • Your cell phones must be on "vibrate" during testing
  • During testing, do not speak to any students - remember, you are "an extra set of eyes in the room." Direct any and all issues you may observe to the test administrator in the room
  • All proctors are expected to read the Florida Test Security Statute (1008.24 Test Security) which will be provided below
  • Each proctor will be asked to sign and date a security agreement, indicating they have been informed of these procedures and they have each read the Florida Test Security Statue (1008.24 Test Security)


Florida Test Security Statute

1008.24 Test Security

1. It is unlawful for anyone knowingly and willfully to violate test security rules adopted by the State Board of education for mandatory tests administered by or through the State Board of Education to students, educators, or applicants for certification or administered by school districts pursuant to s. 1008.22, or, with respect to any such tests, knowingly and willfully to:

(a) Give examinees access to test questions prior to testing;

(b) Copy, reproduce, or use in any manner inconsistent with test security rules all or any portion of any secure test book

(c) Coach examinees during testing or alter or interfere with examinees' responses in anyway;

(d) Make answer keys available to examinees;

(e) Fail to follow security rules for distribution and return of secure test materials as directed, or fail to account for all secure test materials before, during, and after testing;

(f) Fail to follow test administration directions specified in the test administration manuals; or

(g) Participate in, direct, aid, counsel, assist in, or encourage any of the acts prohibited in this section.

2. Any person who violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable by a fine of not more than $l,000 or imprisonment for not more than 90 days, or both.

3. A district superintendent of schools, a president of a community college, a president of a university, or a president of a private postsecondary institution shall cooperate with the Commissioner of Education in any investigation concerning the administration of a test administered pursuant to state statute or rule.


Proctoring is an important responsibility and proctors are invaluable in the testing process.

Your help is greatly appreciated!